Yogeswari: a Life dedicated to the practice

Yogeswari is a world renowned Senior Jivamukti Yoga teacher and one of the most senior teachers in this method.

She travels and teaches yoga all around the world and is featured as one of the 100 most influential yoga teachers in the US.

Her trademark is her vigorous, seamless Vinyasa Sequencing and her thought provoking philosophical teachings.

Her whole live is dedicated to inspire other human beings – no matter if its during her classes, workshops or the Jivamukti teachertrainings which she is leading as a facilitator.

I had the honor to have her as a teacher during my Jivamukti Yoga teachertraining this spring and am even more honored to have her as a guest in todays show.

In this inspiring conversation we talked about:

• how her spiritual journey started
• how she experienced her first Jivamukti-Yoga-Class
• what makes Jivamukti Yoga so special
• what influence Yoga had on her life
• the vision she had for her life at a young age
• how to get closer to your own purpose
• how to show up as a teacher
• her advice to anybody that wants to become a Yogateacher
• what drives her to teach and travel so much
• the change of the meat and diary industrie
• her non profit organisation AZAHAR
• her favorite sutra (among lots of others) and how to apply it to our lifes


Yogewaris Homepage
(where you find her upcoming Retreats and Workshops)

Yogeswari on Instagram

Yogeswari on Facebook

The AZAHAR Foundation

AZAHAR on Instagram

Jivamukti Yoga Homepage


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