Embodied enthusiasm: Cat Alip-Douglas (Sangyé Yoga School)

Cat Alip-Douglas her Journey began in the fashion world of New York, where she worked at Condé Nast – a time when also Yoga came into her life and showed her a path she wanted to follow with her whole heart. She became a Jivamukti-Teacher and went to London where she founded the Sangyé Yoga School (formerly known as Jivamukti London) in 2005. Cat Alip found her most inspiration in the buddhist teachings – and inspires yoga students worldwide to live a more conscious and fullfilled life.

In our Talk we spoke about:

• about her Journey
• the spark that lit up her path of yoga
• her Jivamukti path
• how she found inspiration in the buddhist teachings
• the four elements of buddhism
• what her sadhana looks like
• lots of more inspiring insights from Cat


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