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    John Porcell: The Path back to who you really are

    John Porcell also known as Paramananda Das is an American Musician and Yogateacher who gained a reputation for his appearence as the guitarist in legendary hardcore bands like Youth of Today, Judge and Shelter, the band that brought Spirituality into the life of thousands of young people and inspired them to live a better life. 

    When he is not touring the world, he teaches yoga online or in real life and also leads retreats where he passes on the uplifting message of Bhakti Yoga.

    In this very inspiring episode we talked about subjects like… 
    – how hardcore (and straight edge) inspired him to follow the path of yoga
    – Vegetarism
    – Intoxication and Yoga
    – the real message of Yoga
    – the outer vs the inner world
    – how he found Bhakti as his path
    – the rerelease of Shelters „When 20 summers pass“
    – the Govardhan Parikrama
    – lots of memories about India
    – the power of Kirtan and Music in general
    – the evolution of Yoga
    – his Book recomendations for Yoga beginners

    and lots of more…

    You can join Paramanandas daily challenging online classes for 5 Dollars. Just send it via paypal to xporcellx@gmail.com (with your email) and you´re in! 


    This Podcast-Episode is presented by Jade Yogamats.

    Jaimal Yogis: the Saltwater Buddha

    Jaimal Yogis is the author of the renowned book „Saltwater Buddha“, as well as „All our waves are water“ and „The Fear project“. The father of three kids is living a life full of surfing, writing and meditation / yoga practice. We had an Instagram Live Chat going on about subjects like: 

    During the Corona-Quarantine we talked about subjects like:

    – how he sees the pandemic scenario in terms of transformation and fear
    – what it felt like growing up in a spiritual family
    – what people holds into their comfort zone rather following their dreams
    – his favorite meditation practice
    – writing advice when being stucked in front of the white paper
    – advice for multi talented people
    – and a lot of more interesting subjects…


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    Surfcompanions: Sharing the love for Surf with Daniel Spes

    The SURFCOMPANION is a new book in the Surfing World, let´s say some sort of a Surfcoach that you always have at hand, that helps you to look up everything about  surf etiquette, paddle technique, bottom turn, cutback and more 

    I had a chat with Founder Daniel Spes, himself a Surfcoach with years of experience as a head coach as well – striving to share his knowledge with the book SURFCOMPANION that he created with his Co-Founder Florian Hättich, who is responsible for the Artwork, all Illustrations that he made with so much love and eye for details…
    Among Daniels love for surfing you’ll get to know…
    • how to consider a good Surfcoach
    • how it came to the idea for the SurfCompanion
    • the quality of trainings for Surfcoaches
    • the difference about doing techniques and actually describing them
    • what most Surfcoaches could improve
    • why each surfbeginner should start with a Surfcoach   
    • how Daniel sees the situations with more crowds in the water
    • and lots of more…

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    Girls making waves: Anita Fuchs from Golden Ride

    Anita Fuchs is one of the founders of the GOLDEN RIDE Magazin, a Surf- and Snowboard-Magazin made by Women for Women. The Munich based photographer loves surfing and snowboarding and spends as much time as possible outdoors or traveling the world to explore more and maybe finding new stories that she can share in the magazine. 

    I talked with Anita about…
    – how the idea for the Golden Ride Magazine was born
    what inspires her
    – Woman in the Surfing-Scene
    – Print vs Online
    – the process of finding new stories
    – what the ocean means to her

    and lots of more…


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    Conni Biesalski: Find your magic

    Conni Biesalksi is one of the first names that comes to mind when speaking of digital nomads in Germany. She started her journey of a more self-determined life after quitting her job in a PR-agency and started her blog Planet Backpack which became the most successful travel blog in Germany. She also published a book called  „Digital, independent, free“ and had everything a 9 to 5 employee would dream of – a lifestyle a lot of people are longing for but she fell into a deep mental „abyss“ from where she started a new journey on that she inspired her followers by showing her feelings, even on the downsides of life, expressing her vulnerablity…

    I talked with Conni about…
    – how she made the leap into her new life
    what inspires her
    – Spirituality and Breathwork
    – her daily routines / rituals
    – the process of writing
    – her new book „Find your magic“
    – how to make the leap into a more fullfilled life
    – what the ocean means to her

    and lots of more…


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