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    Conni Biesalski: Find your magic

    Conni Biesalksi is one of the first names that comes to mind when speaking of digital nomads in Germany. She started her journey of a more self-determined life after quitting her job in a PR-agency and started her blog Planet Backpack which became the most successful travel blog in Germany. She also published a book called  „Digital, independent, free“ and had everything a 9 to 5 employee would dream of – a lifestyle a lot of people are longing for but she fell into a deep mental „abyss“ from where she started a new journey on that she inspired her followers by showing her feelings, even on the downsides of life, expressing her vulnerablity…

    I talked with Conni about…
    – how she made the leap into her new life
    what inspires her
    – Spirituality and Breathwork
    – her daily routines / rituals
    – the process of writing
    – her new book „Find your magic“
    – how to make the leap into a more fullfilled life
    – what the ocean means to her

    and lots of more…


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    Heath Joske: Activism Works

    Heath Joske is a former participant of the WSL Tour and an environmental activist. As the head of the campaign „Fight for the bight“ he gathered surfers from all around the world to protest against Equinor, the Norwegian giant. that wanted to start drilling in front of his beautiful frontyard: Australias big bight, a unique place where nature still seems to be untouched.   

    We talked with the Patagonia-Ambassador about…
    – how he feels after six years of fighting and hoping
    – his hopes and expectations when starting the campaign „Fight for the bight“
    – what it felt like being confronted with the persons in charge from Equinor
    – his biggest struggles througout the time of the
    – why the „big ones“ still have the power to destroy the environment
    – sharpening our consciousness for the ocean and the planet
    – sustainability and healthy food
    – and more interesting subjects…


    This Interview also appeared in the latest issue of the BLUE SURF Magazin
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    Afridun Amu: Putting Afghanistan on the map

    Afridun Amu was 5 years old when his family flew from Afghanistan to Germany where he grew up and studied law and cultural studies. When he discovered surfing as his passion he thought about founding the Waveriders Association of Afghanistan – a country that is far away from the ocean. But he wanted to show that it´s possible to surf here and proved it with his documentary „Unsurfed“ a trip on the search of river waves in his homeland. 

    Amongst other interesting topics we talked about…

    – how he started to surf
    – how it came to the idea to found the Wavriders Association of Afghanistan
    – what it was like meeting Kelly Slater in person during the qualification
    – his memories when he and his family flew at the age of 5
    – what it was like to come back to Afghanistan more than 20 years later
    – his movie „Unsurfed“
    – Afghanistan, its people, the vibes, the landscape
    – Spirituality and what it means to him
    – what the ocean means to him


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    Jaimal Yogis: the Saltwater Buddha

    Jaimal Yogis is the author of the renowned book „Saltwater Buddha“, as well as „All our waves are water“ and „The Fear project“. The father of three kids is living a life full of surfing, writing and meditation / yoga practice. We had an Instagram Live Chat going on about subjects like: 

    During the Corona-Quarantine we talked about subjects like:

    – how he sees the pandemic scenario in terms of transformation and fear
    – what it felt like growing up in a spiritual family
    – what people holds into their comfort zone rather following their dreams
    – his favorite mediation practice
    – writing advice when being stucked in front of the white paper
    – advice for multi talented people
    – and a lot of more interesting subjects…


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    „I love the seaside“: Im Morocco with Publishers Alexandra and Geert-Jan

    A few Years ago Alexandra Gossink and Geert-Jan Middelkoop started a crowdfunding campaign for the very first version of their surftravel guide „I love the seaside“. Since then a lot happened: „I love the seaside“ is the must have for surfers that are looking for new inspirations for surf travels. Since last December the couple from holland published the latest edition – for Morocco, the country where we also met this January, sat down for a Nous Nous and talked about how it all started as well as topics like…

    • their professional background (and how it serves them apart of their „normal“ career 
    • how they get inspirations
    • living the digital nomad lifestyle (since a time where that lifestyle didnt even had that name)
    • how their whole journey started
    • how to follow your dreams instead of getting blocked by fear
    • the art of getting lost
    • about how to launch a crowdfunding campaign
    • about the advantages but also not so nice trends of #VANLIFE