„I love the seaside“: Im Morocco with Publishers Alexandra and Geert-Jan

A few Years ago Alexandra Gossink and Geert-Jan Middelkoop started a crowdfunding campaign for the very first version of their surftravel guide „I love the seaside“. Since then a lot happened: „I love the seaside“ is the must have for surfers that are looking for new inspirations for surf travels. Since last December the couple from holland published the latest edition – for Morocco, the country where we also met this January, sat down for a Nous Nous and talked about how it all started as well as topics like…

• their professional background (and how it serves them apart of their „normal“ career 
• how they get inspirations
• living the digital nomad lifestyle (since a time where that lifestyle didnt even had that name)
• how their whole journey started
• how to follow your dreams instead of getting blocked by fear
• the art of getting lost
• about how to launch a crowdfunding campaign
• about the advantages but also not so nice trends of #VANLIFE

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