Afridun Amu: Putting Afghanistan on the map

Afridun Amu was 5 years old when his family flew from Afghanistan to Germany where he grew up and studied law and cultural studies. When he discovered surfing as his passion he thought about founding the Waveriders Association of Afghanistan – a country that is far away from the ocean. But he wanted to show that it´s possible to surf here and proved it with his documentary „Unsurfed“ a trip on the search of river waves in his homeland. 

Amongst other interesting topics we talked about…

– how he started to surf
– how it came to the idea to found the Wavriders Association of Afghanistan
– what it was like meeting Kelly Slater in person during the qualification
– his memories when he and his family flew at the age of 5
– what it was like to come back to Afghanistan more than 20 years later
– his movie „Unsurfed“
– Afghanistan, its people, the vibes, the landscape
– Spirituality and what it means to him
– what the ocean means to him


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