Heath Joske: Activism Works

Heath Joske is a former participant of the WSL Tour and an environmental activist. As the head of the campaign „Fight for the bight“ he gathered surfers from all around the world to protest against Equinor, the Norwegian giant. that wanted to start drilling in front of his beautiful frontyard: Australias big bight, a unique place where nature still seems to be untouched.   

We talked with the Patagonia-Ambassador about…
– how he feels after six years of fighting and hoping
– his hopes and expectations when starting the campaign „Fight for the bight“
– what it felt like being confronted with the persons in charge from Equinor
– his biggest struggles througout the time of the
– why the „big ones“ still have the power to destroy the environment
– sharpening our consciousness for the ocean and the planet
– sustainability and healthy food
– and more interesting subjects…


This Interview also appeared in the latest issue of the BLUE SURF Magazin
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